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Food packaging

Food packaging is an enormous operation and we have solutions to make the process more efficient.
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Built to Perform

The METTLER TOLEDO 880 Auto Wrapper is the perfect choice for grocery retailers looking for an efficient and robust system for automated weighing, wrapping and labeling in the backroom. Easy handling, comprehensive functionality, and reliability – as well as a proactive service and maintenance offering – make the 880 Auto Wrapper the perfect machine for retailers who wish to optimize their operational uptime and total cost of ownership while easily keeping pace in the highest volume meat backrooms.

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HDX 2000

Buy Local!

Heat Seal manufactures a full line of packaging and process equipment for the food service and industrial packaging industries, all in Cleveland, Ohio. Heat Seal specializes in industrial packaging, food service equipment and stainless steel tables.

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Affordable & Efficient

Pack3000 VESTA is a versatile, compact, and reliable line of thermoforming machines. The Vesta line has a rock solid stainless-steel frame and sloped surfaces for complete wash down. The machine components are easy to access which allows for easier and quicker maintenance. 


Double chamber

The Puma65 was designed to increase productivity, less repackaging, minimize labor cost, and extending shelf life of food products are the keys to increase company profits.  

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HS 42

Hot water dip tank

HS42 is a manual type hot water shrink tank combine with vacuum packaging machine to produce vacuum skin pack and eliminate regular vacuum pack’s dog ear as well as create first grade vacuum pack and impression.  

From the Warehouse

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